Facebook Marketing for Business Class 2017


Business & Professional Development Workshop Survey

We're working with Fort Hays State University's Management Development Center to create beneficial workshops and classes for you, your employees and your volunteers! These classes, like the Facebook Marketing for Business Class held last fall, inspired us to research more classes and workshops to bring to our businesses and organizations in Pawnee County! 

Please complete the survey based on what your business or organization would learn and benefit from. Please select all of the workshops you believe would help your team grow, and then rank your top three class options.

Because of the great attendance with our Facebook Marketing for Business Class held last August, we've decided to offer a second identical class held April 12th, 2018 with an intermediate Facebook class scheduled for May 15th, 2018 individuals who would like to learn more about what Facebook can offer your business or organization.


In order to help us schedule development workshops that will best benefit you and your business/organization, please complete the following survey. If you would like more information about any of the workshops listed below, click here.

Which development class(es) would best benefit your business or organization? Please select all that apply. *
Please select all of the workshops that you believe would benefit your business/organization.