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State Theater

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues - PG13

Show Times

7:00PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday

617 Broadway Phone: 620-285-3535

1949 saw the completion of Larned’s newest theater, The “State”. It was the era of “movies every weekend” for most of the nation both because it was relief from the war years and the Great Depression and it was air conditioned. The State Theater suffered and was closed and opened several times before a community group assumed ownership and staffed it with volunteers. Repairs and modernization continued with new, wider and less crowded seats, a new sound and projection system. Now a high-tech 3-D digital system has been added, giving the capability of showing 3-D movies. Recent and “first run” movies start at 7:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday there are special “Date Night” prices and the movie starts at 7pm. The theater is air conditioned, has concession snacks and reasonable prices.

Here is a YOUTUBE video link on our State Theatre, just click on it:


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