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Home Government The City of Larned Utility Department
Larned Utilitiy Department

Larned Utility Services

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and other services


The city of Larned has owned and operated its municipal power plant and distribution system since
1916. Electrical power is supplied to the city and the surrounding area. Along with electric
power, the utility offers a full house lightning protection device for an additional charge of $4.50, and
yard lights may be rented for $4.50 to $6.50 per month. The power plant is located at 2nd and S.W. Trail
Street and can be reached at 285-8585 in an electric service emergency.

Deposits or a Letter of Credit are required for electric and water services. All bills are due on the 1st of
each month, past due after the 15th of each month and subject to turn-off and the applicable charges after
the 20th of each month.

Utility payment contracts of deferred payment contracts may be granted by the City Clerk or City
Manager when in their discretion good cause is shown. There must be obtained at the City Offices.

Utility customers have the option to pay their monthly bills with a debit service from their
checking accounts. The City also provides a levelized program that averages your utility payments over
the previous 11 months of service. Agreement forms can be obtained at City Hall.

Utility Roundup Program has been established for designated projects. The program allows customers
to voluntarily participate by paying a little extra on their utility bill by rounding the bill to the next dollar.
The extra amount is income tax deductible as a charitable contribution.



The City also provides water to the city residents from five wells owned and operated by the City. The
water department may also be reached by calling the power plant number.

Water rates are as follows: First 5,000 gallons $10.00 minimum, and $1.00 for ever 1,000 gallons
thereafter. Outside of the city limits the charge is an additional 25%. A state mandated water protection
fee of 3 cents per 1,000 gallons is also added to each bill.

Larned maintains a sanitary sewer collection and treatment system for its residents. A modern treatment
plant is maintained by the City and located near the river at 1st and Rose Streets.

Sewer rates are a minimum charge of $10.00 and $1.25 per 1,000 gallons of water based on water used
in January, February, and March of each year. (Changes to the annual charge (based on the first 3
months of the year) take place on the May bill.)

Commercial and residential sanitation service is provided by the City and a private contractor. Citizens
of Larned also have the option of transporting their refuse to the Pawnee County Sanitary Landfill
located approximately two miles south and one mile east of Larned on Highway 19.

Billing for City sanitation service is provided for on your monthly utility bill. Residential refuse rates are
$10.00 per month with $1.00 additional charge for carryout service with additional charges if extra
amounts or extra service is needed. Commercial and business rates are $10.00 per month if on a regular
route otherwise they are set by time pickup charges. Poly Karts are available for a charge of $1.90 per

The City also operates a recycling center located in the Industrial Park, 831 E. 14th St (K-156 a the
Carlson Motors exit.) The hours of operation are 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM every Tuesday and Thursday and
9:00 am to noon on Saturdays. Residents can help reduce the amount of trash transported to the Barton
County Landfill by separating out plastic milk jugs, tin cans, paper, cardboard, and aluminum cans.
Drop off bins have been added for after hours drop offs.

Gas service to the City is provided by Kansas Gas Service and can be contacted by dialing toll free

Southwestern Bell provides Larned with telephone service (1-800-464-7928), Cox Communications
located at 111 West 7th St. (295-3151) serves the cable needs of Larned.

Internet access providers include Cox Communications, AT&T, Wireless Frontier, Golden Belt, and

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