Member Spotlight: High Plains Farm Credit


From planting the first seeds of your brand new agribusiness to getting ready to hand it down to your sons and daughters, High Plains can help. Since 1916, we have been completely devoted to agricultural financing. Farm Credit is the largest single provider of Agricultural credit in the United States, and with a network of locally managed banking offices, we’re there when you need us.

– Real Estate Loans: for the purchase, improvement, or refinancing of debt on farms, ranches, facilities and rural real estate – including loans for purchase or improvement of Country Homes. Farm Credit is an equal credit opportunity lender/equal-housing lender.

– Operating Loans: for operating inputs and expenses such as feed, fertilizer, seed, and labor, as well as for such expenditures as rent, taxes, insurance, and day-to-day living.

– Livestock Loans: for care, and feeding, or refinancing of debt on livestock.

– Equipment Loans: for the purchase of refinancing of debt for tractors, trucks, farm implements, buildings, irrigation systems, or any other equipment.

– Agribusiness Loans: to support marketing and/or processing activities and farm-related services which are related to producing agricultural products.

– Leasing for virtually all equipment and machinery used in agriculture:

– Tractors, combines, farm buildings, farm implements, dairy equipment, grain bins, above-ground irrigation systems, trucks, processing and packing equipment and material handling equipment.

– ppraisal Services for customers who need an independent appraisal of real estate by State General Certified Appraisers.

– Crop Insurance options are available to help you manage your risks.

– Term Life Insurance for the protection of farm and ranch families.

– Young, Beginning and Small Farmer Program. We have the ending program to get you started.

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